About Us

Language Step, we basically provide Foreign Languages

Course (German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and many more) and Indian languages (Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and many more) on various levels.

We provide a superb training on learning the language with our unique style and unique study materials. It is based on creativity, fun and learn environment. We coach you with our unique techniques. We provide broad training on learning the language with effortlessness. Our Institution’s goal is to give continuous quality & effective Trainings in the competitive overall market.

We offer best of the business training courses and translation services in various foreign languages and Indian language.

We consistently monitor your needs, progress and setting your study goals. Our trainers and back-up staff maintains a professional, responsive and friendly working atmosphere.

We are flexible not only in the style of training and in pacing the training according to the learner’s needs and ability but also with your time convenience as well.

Our specifically designed courses are up to date to the market standard, which help you to face the challenges at any point of time. For further clarification on our courses you can call us or write us info@languagestep.com or you can book a free demo class to have better understanding.