Corporate Training

Are you looking for foreign languages training for your company’s employees, your school or college?

Corporate Training for Foreign Languages in Bangalore (German, French, Japanese & Spanish and many more)

We offer various foreign language training at your location or can take place at our office and customize the training as per your requirement to suite your business accordingly.

Contact us on 9066434562 or to know more about our courses in details.

Our comprehensive training includes:

  • An overview of foreign society, culture and basic etiquette
  • Mastering vocabulary to higher level and learn vocabulary relating to variety of environments including professional and day to day used words with antonyms and synonyms to enhance your expression influence.

Accent skills –

  • learning how to pronounce perfectly

Listening skills –

  • techniques to grasp the dialogue promptly
  • Learning and improving the grammar & writing skills
  • Verb tenses, Pronouns & Prepositions and many more
  • Exercises in Phonetic symbols
  • Audios and videos classes will help you to learn original conversations.

Writing skills-

  • Letter writing, email writing, curriculum vitae, short message writing, essay and many more.

Speaking skills:-

  • Building a strong confident level in you
  • Conversation or Debate activities on any topics
  • Personal household conversations, chatting with friends and unfamiliar persons
  • Day to day activity or weekend activity and plan conversations
  • Proper usage of words and phrases in appropriate topics or conversations
  • Learn translation form beginner level up to Advance level from foreign language into English and vice versa.
  • Learn to outward appearance the essay and build the correct sentences from beginning level to professional level
  • Enhance the telephone skills, email writing skills, question and answer skills and many more.
  • Our training module comprises of self-learning and easy-to-follow exercises with crystal-clear explanations with more example.

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. Ralph Waldo Emerson